Near drowning is severe oxygen deprivation (suffocation) caused by submersion in water but not resulting in death; when death occurs, the event is called drowning.

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Children younger than 4 years are at greatest risk of near drowning because their energy and curiosity can easily lead them to fall into water, including bathtubs and large buckets, from which they cannot escape.



Welcome to the Hugs Foundation

For near drowning children

Our Missions Statement

To connect parents of near drowning children with families who are going through the same experiences or have gone through them!

To assist famlies of near drowning children with alternative treatments...

To give the parents information about care and treatments available for your child...

To be able to assist families with monetary support for treatments, doctors and products that they might need that insurance companies do not cover!

Most people don't know that after a near drowning the child is left with mild to severe nerological brain damage, and the treatments and supplies these children need to help them recover are rarely covered by insurance or not covered enough that the families are able to afford them. Each of them who have a child who has had a near drowning and suffers from nerological brain damage has seen progress that the Dr's said they would never see, and it is because of the treatments they have been able to do that make the parents of these children Believe in Miracles, and hope you Believe in Miracles as well, and large or small any donation will add up to one thing... Giving these children a second chance and touching the hearts of so many parents and families who never give up and work so very hard to give their child the best they can to help them recover.

If you are here for a child who has had a near drowning please join the Parents of Near Drowning group before you do anything else. This is a place for you to get immediate answers and advice that can help you and your family through these tough times.

My name is Gene Hostetler and I am the Founder of The Hugs Foundation for near drowning children who suffer nerological damage to the brain after the accident occurs.

The treatments are expensive and most are not coverd by insurance.

This is a non profit organization...

My reason for founding this organization is a personal one as we have a grandson Seth who nearly drowned and now suffers from severe brain damage...

Our family knows the pain and heartache of this type of tragedy. We also know how expensive it can be for the treatments your child needs.

There is hope for your child even though the Dr's will tell you there is not and give you no options. We hope you find us here before you make any decisions about your childs life!

e-mail me at:

 Gene Hostetler (founder)

On Facebook Gene Hostetler

or call:

805 304-3835


Also Feel free to contact us at:

Gramma to Seth

Peggy Hostetler


On Facebook Peggy Hostetler

Mother to Seth

Jill Paschal

(805) 304-8162

On Facebook Jill Hostetler

If you have come here and your child was lost to a drowning, our deepest sympathy is with you and we are very sorry for your loss and our way of helping is to give you the support group you need. Please contact:

  "HOLD ONTO YOUR DREAMS" Keep all your dreams so close to your heart, and never give up, when your life's falling apart. Let your dreams give you strength to carry on, and help you find the future, you feel has gone. Build on those dreams that you hold so dearly, and you'll be able to see, your life more clearly. These are your tomorrows you can make today, and through the darkness, you'll find your way. Nothing is impossible, as long as you believe; those felt unreachable are possible to achieve. Have faith in yourself and trust in God's love; reach for the stars blessed by Heaven above. Pamela Hall 1999




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